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Ilmenite is a mineral that is weighty and used as a titanium source. It is a metallic oxide which is iron black and consists of iron and titanium dioxide. Ilmentite is present in nature as igneous rocks. It is also an ingredient of sand and is usually escorted by minute quantities of rutile, magnetite and zircon amidst others. Other resources of ilemenite are sedimentary rocks, pegmatites and metamorphic rocks.

Ilmenite has magnetic properties and is removed from other minerals by making use of magnetic separators. Synthetic rutile is the most rapidly developing application sector of the ilmenite market. It is predicted to remain the same in the next six years. Ilmentite is found in abundance and is mainly used in the synthesis of titanium pigment and titanium metal.

Titanium is normally removed from ilmenite by making use of chloride procedure or by making sulfuric acid react with ilmenite. The simple availability of ilmenite in large quantities is one of the major factors which drives demand for the ilmenite market. The requirement for ilmenite is deeply reliant on the requirement for titanium dioxide and titanium metal. Escalating demand for titanium dioxide furthers the ilmenite market.

This is expected to continue in the years to come. Additionally, components of macroeconomy, like growth in GDP, etc are projected to drive further demand for the ilmenite market. Research and development operations to bring about environment-friendly and effective procedures to generate titanium from ilmentite serve as major hindrances in the further expansion of the ilmenite market.

Information Source: Grand View Research