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The insect growth regulators market is expected to undergo decent expansion. This is on account of increased demand for crop protection chemicals. Rising demand for improved and high yielding crops and shrinking arable land are predicted to be factors driving this market. Insect growth regulators are used for controlling bed bugs, ticks, fruit or drain flies and flying insects.

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The other factors driving demand for the insect growth regulators market are flow in demand for bio-based insecticides and high resistance over conventional insecticides. However, environmental concerns regarding the use of conventional pesticides have forced farmers to use insect growth regulators.

The insect growth regulators market consists of products, such as anti juvenile, hormone agents, juvenile hormones and chitin synthesis inhibitors. The rising consumer applications of insect growth regulators, such as residential, agricultural and commercial are projected to expand the market over the coming years.

Agriculture was for the largest consumer of the market. Growing use of insect growth regulators for commercial and residential applications add income to the insect growth regulators market. Geographically, the market is segmented into four major regions, such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and ROW (rest of the world).

Asia Pacific was reported to be the largest insect growth regulators market in 2013. This is due to rising demand for crops with better yields and advancements in agricultural technology The emerging markets of China and India have shown high consumption rates for the insect growth regulators market.

North America has registered steady growth owing to augmented applications of insect growth regulators in farming in the region. It is expected to show similar trends in the coming years.

Insect Growth Regulators Market Research

Information Source: Grand View Research