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A mineral, rutile is primarily used as a titanium source. It occurs as dense or translucent crystals and comes in different colors, like yellow, black, etc relying on the source. This mineral has a crystal structure which is tetragonal in shape. It consists of four-sided prisms, two in number and is normally present as an addition to other minerals. Rutile is also present as an addition to many gem stones and is accountable for their asterism effect.

It is found in nature in large quantities. Synthetic rutile is synthesized from ilemnite, which is used for the manufacture of titanium dioxide and titanium. Manufacturing synthetic rutile from ilemnite enhances the content of titanium in the mineral, thereby enhancing the effectivity of the titanium withdrawal procedure. Titanium withdrawal is the most dominant sector of application of the rutile market. Hence, rutile demand is highly reliant on titanium dioxide and titanium metal demand.

High content of titanium in synthetic rutile is a primary component which drives demand for the rutile market. Expansion in the automotives market also furthers the rutile market. The simple and plentiful presence of ilmenite, used in the manufacture of synthetic rutile has driven the sales of the rutile market. Rutile processing to generate titanium dioxide and titanium metal, causes the generation of dangerous pollutants which has prevented the rutile market from moving further.

Research activities to come up with an environment friendly procedure to remove titanium from rutile is predicted to provide huge development prospects to the rutile market.

Information Source: Hexa Research