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Antimicrobial plastics are composites suffused with antimicrobials. This is done to control the spread of different microorganisms. These plastics are made use of, in various industry verticals, like healthcare, electronics, automotives, client goods, etc. Increased consciousness among clients with regard to sanitation and health is estimated to a primary component, driving demand for the U.S. antimicrobial plastics market.

Antimicrobial plastics are used additionally in electronic and packaging devices, as these applications are more likely to contract germs. This might lead to transmission of infections. Moreover, expansion in healthcare, electronics, and packaging industries is predicted to improve the demand for the U.S. antimicrobial plastics market. Greater tendency of clients to spend on products having antimicrobial features is projected to add revenue to this market.

The U.S. antimicrobial plastics market was projected near USD 662 million in 2013. It is predicted to achieve around USD 1, 227 million by the end of the forecast phase. This expansion is anticipated to take place at about 9 percent CAGR during the said phase which lasts from till 2020 from 2014. Antimicrobial plastics decrease medical products from worsening and improve their life span. Expansion in the market of medical devices in the United States is projected to increase the sales of the U.S. antimicrobial plastics market.

High occurrence of infections acquired from hospitals is also predicted to drive demand for this market. Advanced coating technologies that prevent the growth of microbes are also estimated to increase the demand for the U.S. antimicrobial plastics market. Unpredictability in the prices of raw materials is projected to hinder the smooth flowing U.S antimicrobial plastics market.

Information Source: Deep Research Report