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Growing per capita earnings of clients and escalating health concerns are propelling further demand for the water purifiers market. Water purifiers are used to separate water from impurities and other germs. They make sure that families get clean and pure drinking water. Water purifiers, in general, have particular storage capacities sufficient to meet the requirements of all family members.

They make use of scientific procedures to efficiently wash out pollutants and protect the family from harmful diseases. As per the World Water Organization, which is a non-profit association based in the United States, near about one billion people around the globe in 2012 could not access safe drinking water. Many of those who drank unhygienic water fell prey to various illnesses.

This propelled the need to get clean water and stay away from those illnesses. This demand was met by the water purifiers market. With constant enhancements in the living standards of people and growing health apprehensions, safe drinking water has risen as one of the topmost priorities for the existence of human beings. A huge portion of the population in urbanized as well as emergent nations drinks untreated water and pushes increased demand for the water purifiers market.

This led to the spread of various diseases that are spread through water. These are also referred to as water-borne diseases. The worldwide water purifiers market is estimated to experience a double-digit CAGR growth through the forecast period which lasts from 2013 to 2019. Asia Pacific is the largest water purifiers market in the world. India and China in Asia Pacific have contributed towards further growth of the market.

Information Source: Grand View Research