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Waterborne adhesives are also termed as water based adhesives. They are characteristically made from cellulose ether. Cellulose ether is a soluble synthetic polymer. Waterborne adhesives are also made from natural polymers. Natural polymers consist of proteins, starch, dextrins, etc. Water based adhesives are delivered either as a solution merged with water before application or as prepared dry powders.

When water is either evaporated or sucked up by the substrate, strength is accomplished. Various applications across which water borne adhesives are used are building and construction, automotives, wood and furniture, packaging, etc. Many benefits are provided by waterborne adhesives. These include their environment friendly nature and high initial adhesion.

Increased demand from the industry of packaging is anticipated to drive the sales of the waterborne adhesives market. Owing to the benefits of water based adhesives and their non reactive nature, they are used in various applications of food packaging. Additionally, increasing demand from automotives industry is also projected to drive the sales of the waterborne adhesives market.

The automotive industry is propelled by demand from middle class client factions from emerging economies. The progress of this industry helps propel further demand for the waterborne adhesives market. However, the intricate preparation of water based adhesives is estimated to hinder further expansion of this market.

Technological innovations in manufacturing procedures and bio-based water based adhesives are predicted to provide numerous growth prospects to the participants of the waterborne adhesives market. Asia Pacific is the biggest waterborne adhesives market owing to demand from the sectors of packaging, automotives and construction.

Information Source: QY Research Reports